Kids and Fitness Classes in Kendall- Only 1 in-3 Kids Pass all Parts of Physical Fitness Tests

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Kids and fitness Classes in Kendall is a renowned facility that is designed to help kids stay fit and health. Research studies have shown that only 1 out of 3 kids manage to pass the physical fitness test. Parents and guardians can reverse this trend by involving their kids in various physical activities that can help them stay fit.

Let us look at some of the physical activities that can help achieve this goal:


Swimming is one of the most popular activities that kids love. Most learning facilities as well as apartments have a swimming pool that is accessible to kids. Parents should encourage their kids to take part in this activity at least three times a week. This activity helps to foster blood circulation, strengthen joints, as well as promote loss of excess weight.


A daily morning or evening jog is not only beneficial to the adults but also to the kids. They should be encouraged to jog for a given distance each day especially during the weekends. Initially, the distance covered should be kept short but you can increase it as the body becomes acquainted to the activity. More often than not, the kids will complain of joints or muscles pains during the first days but these problems usually disappear after the first three days.


There are a number of games that can help kids’ growth healthy and stay fit. Some of the most popular games include soccer, basketball, cricket and many more. These games can be played in school or at home depending on your locality. Encourage your kid to take part in these activities by buying him or her various accessories such as sports shoes and even balls. Occasionally, you can join in and show team how to play it right.

Healthy Diet

Indulging in various physical exercises will not help attain the physical fitness goals if the diet consumed is not balanced or healthy. As a parent or guardian, it is your duty to ensure that you kid consumes a healthy diet that is rich in various nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. A healthy diet will provide the body with enough energy to take part in various physical activities. It is recommendable to purchase organically produced foodstuffs instead of the conventionally produced foods since the latter may contain elements that are harmful to human health.


Yoga classes are open to both adults and the young generations. It usually involves a number of strategic body movements that are designed to strengthen the joints and muscles. Yoga has being proved to be very effective in building muscles, increasing blood circulation as well as strengthen the joints. You may decide to accompany you kid to this classes to motivate them and educate them on the various benefits that can be derived from it.

Finally, treadmill equipment can help your child exercise without necessarily leaving the house. Be sure to purchase treadmill equipment that is safe, affordable, and suitable for kids to avoid straining their young body muscles too much.

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