Is a new teen diet do-able or dangerous?

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It turns traditional weight-loss wisdom on its head, with advice such as skip breakfast and blow up balloons.

Published as an e-book it has shot to No1 in the iTunes health and fitness book chart.

With its teen-friendly title (OMG being youth speak for “oh my god”) the book is squarely aimed at young women who want to lose up to 20lb in six weeks.

The book is divided into three plans of varying severity called Wave, Blaze and Quake. The plan you follow depends on how quickly you want to lose weight. Carbs are restricted, as is fruit and Venice suggests protein should make up half of each meal. Vegetables are unlimited but some, such as potatoes and carrots, are excluded.

No diet should be entered into without consulting a doctor but some experts recommend avoiding this book altogether.

“his dangerously ill-informed pseudo science is only about people trying to make money out of misery”

Susan Ringwood, chief executive of the eating disorders charity Beat


Susan Ringwood, chief executive of the eating disorders charity Beat (, says: “This dangerously ill-informed pseudo science is only about people trying to make money out of misery. It is the modern-day equivalent of snake oil. A theory such as ‘Caffeine makes fat cells open up and empty fat into the bloodstream, then it is transported to muscles’ is such utter nonsense it beggars belief.”

Here Venice defends his diet.


When people heard I was writing a diet book which recommended skipping breakfast, blowing up balloons and taking cold baths they laughed.

When they saw the title, Six Weeks To OMG, and realised it was aimed at a young audience they got angry. Very angry. Angry parents, angry scientists, even book agents and publishers ran a mile.

Many assume that my Frankenstein-like mix of methods was designed to generate publicity, an assumption which highlights just how much we hug and defend the “eat less, exercise more” belief.

For years I’ve witnessed dieter after dieter having their self-esteem crushed by this ineffective and outdated theory. My reaction was to create a system which produced fast results. It’s the only thing the public cares about.

In 2012, our proud Olympic moment, we’re less athletic than ever. Our 18 to 24-year-olds are the chunky gold medallists in Europe’s table of the fattest

Grab a handful of young Brits and one will be clinically obese, a nonsense term which doesn’t do their reality justice.

For a teen or 20-something being fat means being depressed. It means not fitting into that nice size 8 their friends wear.

It means being mocked or bullied and staying indoors. It can even mean eating disorders. Is a diet that caters for young people “dangerous”? Not at all. It’s completely dangerous to ignore their needs.

Being skinny doesn’t guarantee good health but being heavier than nature intended, at any age, guarantees bad health. Experts soothe us with “you can be fat and fit” but be warned: they’re not experts.

If skinny is best how skinny is ideal? It’s simple: as skinny as you like. No human is destined to have a belly.

So what’s the best way to reach Skinnyville? Forget willpower – that always runs out. It’s time to get smart, understand how stuff works and embrace new ideas. Thinness favours the brave.

Six Weeks To OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends (Hot DNA, £4.99) from Amazon and iTunes



Scientists claim not eating first thing causes overeating and reduces concentration but it has a short-term effect. With a dash of patience your body will thrive on it.


Water rapidly carries away body heat, forcing you to make more. This heat energy is fuelled by burning your stored fat. Temperatures must never dip below 15C and bathing more than 15 minutes isn’t necessary. You need to get your doctor’s all-clear to try it but if you do it will rocket your fat loss.


If a super-flat tummy appeals to you blow up balloons. You’re working the stomach’s invisible transversus abdominis muscle. It will flatten and flatter you like wearing a Victorian corset.


Caffeine makes fat cells open up and empty their fat into your bloodstream. From there fat can be transported to the muscles. Once it arrives they use this liquid fatty fuel to power them. So you get skinnier.


To lose 10lb in six weeks follow WAVE

● Up to 120g (one handful) of carbs a day

● Up to three pieces of fruit a day

● A minimum of 60 minutes of exercise a day

To lose 15lb in six weeks follow BLAZE

● Up to 90g (three-quarters of a handful) of carbs a day

● Up to two pieces of fruit a day

● A minimum of 75 minutes of exercise a day

To lose 20lb in six weeks follow QUAKE

● Up to 60g (half a handful) of carbs a day

● Up to one piece of fruit a day

● A minimum of 90 minutes of exercise a day

By Penny Stretton

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