My daughter Gabriela has been training with Teri for 3 months. In just 3 months I have seen such a difference in my daughters over all well being. She has gained confidence, self esteem , made new friends and has excelled in school. She has learned the importance of exercise and about making good food choices, that will last her a lifetime. I am so glad I found Teri and Kids and Fitness. Teri is very well prepared to deal with your child needs. And most of all the kids LOVE IT !!!


“My 16 years old son joined Kids and Fitness in September of this year, and has found it a perfect fit for him! He has been overweight since he was about 10 years old. He does not like team sports and I had taken him to try out other activities both at home and out, like karate, archery, tennis, swimming and biking. None of those were enjoyable to him and frankly, none were enough of a work out to promote weight reduction. He joined LA Fitness for about 6 months and went less than 6 times- he just felt out of place there and couldn’t get the 1:1 info on how to use the machines properly. Finally, with his weight going up and being told that he had borderline high blood pressure at his annual pediatrician visit; I went back online to search fitness programs and found Kids and Fitness with Teri.

My 16 years old really likes the privacy of the small class size, and he likes the personal trainer concept. He likes the 1:1 instruction and encouragement as how to exercise harder and smarter. Teri asks for a 3 month commitment to have the time to make a difference, and we thought her program sounded realistic and a good tool for learning healthier habits for life. From the get go, my son could tell that the program was making a difference and he wanted to go. He has lost 21 inches total in 3 months, the total measurements of his upper arms, thighs, chest and waist combined. At the follow up visit with the pediatrician, his blood pressure is normal again.

So he has asked to sign up for 3 months more to continue to get closer to his goal weight! I would not be surprised if he asks to continue even past 6 months. I am so glad that he has found a program that works for him, and even more that he wants to achieve a healthier weight and maintain it. Plus through Teri, he is realistic about the time and work it takes to really lose weight, and to build up muscle.

Janet Pemberton

Thank you Teri Sibai for all that you have done for me!! You give me great pep talks and always makes sure I’m working hard!!! You have always looked out for me since the first day I went to gym which was in 2012 March 7!! Thanks to you I feel more confident than before!!! Thank you for showing me how being in shape and being healthy is important!! Even though I still like to have my cookies and cake and other junk foods. Now I know how to control my eating! And I know that you are going to be there to support me every step of the way!!


Just a quick BIG, but lean, THANK YOU to Teri Sibai, for being the best trainer I’ve ever met.
Thank you for your dedication and for caring for each one of us. Taking the time to listen to each one needs and tailoring a specific program for each person on our group.

Just got next week’s diet 🙁

It’s going to be a tough one but we’ll do it. Can’t let you down after all the love and work you put on it.

Thank you!

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