We wanted to thank you for all that you have done for our daughter. It is extremely difficult to find a place that you can trust, where children are safe, and parents are welcomed. Even though my daughter was part of one of your fitness groups, you gave each child your individual attention. I don’t know how you did it, but I witnessed how you would go around the room addressing each child’s needs. As you know, my child has special needs and not everybody is opened to accepting a child with specific needs because of the extra effort that is required. You welcomed her with opened arms and you were willing to modify the exercises to fit her, you are amazing! Apart from the fitness component, you also addressed her nutritional concerns by introducing the students to different fruits and vegetables. The kids were eager to taste them, since you made it s o much fun. What a wonderful factor in your program!

In addition, your caring and enthusiastic attitude was contagious. The children learned how important it is to do something for others and to take care of their own bodies. You also showed them how important it is to be kind to others. My daughter not only learned how to exercise and eat right, but she learned how to be a better person. We are deeply grateful. God bless you for caring.

Silvia B.


Kids and Fitness is amazing facility where families can work out and get fit together. My son has never been more motivated and excited to exercise as he is when he walks through the door. Teri not only focuses on getting fit but also encouraging families to focus on mind, body and soul. I am beyond excited for the journey my family is on and I can without a doubt thank Kids and Fitness for having such a positive impact in our lives.

Becky Carrillo Rodriguez

Thanks Teri for showing us and our families that WE CAN DO IT if we set our sights on our goals and stick with the program. Healthy living — regular exercise and eating right — is a way of life not a quick fix diet. Thank you for also emphasizing that giving and gratitude are important in our everyday lives.

Let’s do it!!

Lisset Gonzalez Ocon

How do you get a seven-year-old to the gym, you take them to kids and fitness!!!! Watching her brothers exercise and do sports my poor daughter was miserable and wanted to join a gym. Finding Teri was a life changing experience. In just 2 months my little girl has changed in many ways… Starting with the way she eats, her energy level, and her interests in a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, I know we are making a change that will last forever!!!

Denise Garcia
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